40 Free Holiday Clip Art Advent Tags


Whether you're making an advent calendar, decorating a personal planner, or creating a December Daily scrapbook album, this set of 40 countdown tags is the perfect addition. Hand lettering combined with trendy typography, a minimal, modern color palette and fun holiday clip art illustrations make it perfect for Christmas 2017! Best of all, it's free for home personal use only.

This set includes unique advent countdown numbers for everyday from December 1 through New Year's Eve. Each one is a little bit different, making the countdown super fun and just a little quirky! Simply print them out the size you want (at 100% each sheet shown below is 5 x 7") and tape or tie them onto your advent prizes.


The clip art also makes perfect gift tags for pretty Christmas presents. Dress up your gifts with one or more. Just print them out, cut them apart and punch a little hole in them to string them on. If you like your handwriting, put it on the front of the tag. If you're less sure, just add it to the back!

I also really love to add little tags like this into my handmade Christmas cards. There's quite a few in this set that work really well for that, and since their free, you're not out anything if you don't use them all.

See everything you get for free home personal use below. For commercial use, please inquire via my about page. Thanks!

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