Free Sea Friends™ Digital Stamps


28 original hand-drawn digital stamps featuring your favorite Sea Friends™ characters. Craft handmade cards, tags, coloring pages, and more by mixing and matching your favorite characters and sentiments. Personalize each one with your favorite colors and media. I like colored pencil and watercolor, but my daughter loves coloring them with Copic markers. They can be used over and over again on endless home/personal projects. You'll never have to clean them, store them, or worry about them wearing out! 


When you download your stamps, you'll get a link to a zipped file containing all 28 stamps saved as .png. All you need to do next is print them out and color them as you would traditional stamps. These files are simple to print on a Mac, just double click and print from Preview. I have not experience with PC's, but I know that to print .png files from Word, just import them as you would any photo. In fact, you can open them into most programs that allow images to be imported, just like you would with .jpg files. However, unlike .jpg, they will have a clear, transparent background instead of a white background, so you can layer them over other designs or photos. Each stamp ranges in size from approximately 1" up to 3.5". They will scale down beautifully, but you may lose some resolution if you try to enlarge them too much.

They're free for your home personal use. I'd love to see what you do with them, so please tag me on Instagram with your photos @juliecomstockpics. If you'd like to use this art for commercial purposes, please inquire via my about page. Thanks!

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