14 Free Watercolor Succulent Clip Art Pieces


Free clip art watercolor succulents painted just for you. These cuties are fun for so many projects from DIY wall art to hand made cards. Each succulent measures around 4" give or take a little. They can be sized down, and if printing on a home ink-jet printer, they can even be sized up to about twice the size without losing quality. The files are prepped with absolutely transparent backgrounds, so you can layer them over the top of each other, like I've done in the piece below. (It is also a free download.)

Free_ Watercolor-Succulents-print.jpg

I hope you enjoy creating something beautiful with them, and always, I'd love to see it if you do. You can tag me on instagram @juliecomstockpics. Please keep in mind that this set is brought to you free for home personal use only.

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