20 Fall Watercolor Leaves and 4 Wall Decor Prints

20 Fall Watercolor Leaves and 4 Wall Decor Prints


There are so many fall decor and crafting possibilities with this set of watercolour leaves and autumn wall decor prints. The modern calligraphy and clean, white background are perfect for farmhouse decor. The individual watercolor clip art leaves can be layered, duplicated and made into endless creative designs. Create custom place cards for your thanksgiving table or make hand made thank you notes and greeting cards.

Each watercolored element comes in .png format, with transparent backgrounds. There are two versions of each, on with the edges totally clean, so that you can place it over dark backgrounds, and one with the watercolor bleed left on (I prefer this option for placing over white). The prints are saved as .jpg files, 300 DPI, 8” x 10”.

This set includes:

  • 20 Unique Fall Leaf and Berry elements

    • 1 Aspen Leaf

    • 2 Beech leaf sprigs and 1 Single Beech leaf

    • 3 Berry sprigs, two in orange and one in yellow

    • 2 Grasses

    • 2 Honey Locust leaf sprigs

    • 3 Maple leaves

    • 2 Oak leaves

    • 3 Willow leaves

  • 4 Fall Wall Art Prints: 300 DPI at 8” x 10” (these prints are available free at half the resolution)

Most graphic programs will open PNG files. Some of the most popular are Adobe Creative Suite programs (all versions of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign), Preview (on Mac), Word, Window Photos Viewer, Paint and more. Home, ink jet and color laser printers print at an output of 150 DPI. Higher DPI will not negatively affect print quality, but lower DPI will. This means that 300 DPI art can be scaled up to 200% and still print beautifully on these printers.

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