Deceptively Easy Watercolor Florals

Deceptively easy watercolor flowers

These flowers may look complicated to paint, but trust me, you can do it!

What you'll need:

  1. Painting Surface. I'm using the "Be YOU tiful" block from the Cosmo Cricket: Just Add Watercolor line.
  2. Water brush
  3. Pixie Paint powder pigment in Harbor
  4. Yellow watercolor. I like tube watercolor for this technique, but you can use cakes if that's what you have. Just get them quite wet before starting and know that you will contaminate the yellow with blue.

This may seem scary, but I don't draw out anything. I just turn on some happy music and go with whatever happens. You may want to practice a few flowers on a scratch piece of paper first.

Start by putting a little Pixie Paint powder in the barrel of the water brush. Then fill it with water and shake it up. To begin painting, dip your brush into your yellow watercolor. (You can use other colors, I've done red with the blue and it's really pretty too.)

watercolor flower tutorial

To form your flowers, pull your brush from the outer edge of the top petal toward yourself. Repeat this with as many swipes as it takes to make the sized petal you want. Be careful to stop painting just short of the center so that the middle of the flower stays white. 

Work your way around the flower, rotating the surface as you go instead of trying to turn your hand.

how to paint watercolor flowers

As you paint, the blue will mix with the yellow making shades of green. Eventually it will get all used up and you'll be painting just blue. When that happens re-dip into the yellow.

If you want green for leaves, just dip into yellow and then brush onto a scratch paper until you've got green. If you want to speed up to blue, just squeeze the brush to let the blue flow more quickly.

paint watercolor leaves.jpg

Drawing stems is simple, just put your brush up on its tip and use it like a pencil. Sometimes my brush is really we from the liquid flowing through it, so it's a good idea to wipe it on a cloth before doing detail work.

The little leaves are super easy to make. Just make a dot and pull it to the stem. This will look like a little bud. If you want even more of a leaf like shape, pull the tip out just a little.

easy watercolor flowers to paint

Just keep filling in flowers and leaves. Try not to think too much, it's really forgiving!

When you have your flowers filled in, you may want to go back and add some dots for texture, darken a few areas up, add a few more details, etc. 

Here's an image of the one I did with the red and blue. Give it a try and tag me on facebook or Instagram if you share there! You can also check my facebook page where I posted a video tutorial of this project.

Pretty watercolor flowers