Brush Lettering: Chameleon Effects

Watercolor brush lettering

Use a water brush and Pixie Paint to create color changes that happen right while your painting. It's like magic!

Cosmo Cricket Pixie Paint by Julie Comstock

Maybe you're asking, Julie, what is Pixie Paint. Well, it's powdered watercolor pigment. Each color has multiple hues of pigment in the bottle, so when you sprinkle it on a wet surface, you get a lot of color variety. However, when you add it directly to the barrel of a water-brush, you get a mix of all the colors. For the above tag, I used the dark blue (Harbor).

Other Things You'll Need for this Project:

  1. A watercolor tag or paper to paint on
  2. A water-brush
  3. Gold Thread
  4. Needle
  5. Scissors
  6. Practice!

You can watch this little video of me doing the lettering, but it's not the best quality. Just practice, take it slowly and try to relax. I did a few trial runs on a scrap piece of paper to work out the design first and then used that as a visual reference while free-handing the tag.

Once your design is painted, use a needle to poke holes where your stitches will go.

Modern brush calligraphy with watercolor

Then just stitch it up and tape off the loose ends on the backside of the tag.

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