21 Secrets Just Add Water Series


Learn to Paint with Me and 12 Other Instructors

When Tonia Jenny asked if I would be an instructor for the 21 Secrets Just Add Water summer watercolor class series, I was beyond excited. I love teaching, I love painting, and I love being included in things. In full disclosure, I do get paid when you sign up to take the class.


The series is aimed specifically at art journalists, but there's a lot of skill being taught that can be applied to anyone that wants to learn more about watercolor. My specific portion of the workshop is called Blossom in the Borders. It's a beginning watercolor class that teaches easy to paint watercolor flowers, simplified roses, how to grow to a little more complex rose, and a bunch of leaf types including eucalyptus. 


Then, I teach two different techniques to use while painting the botanical elements we learn. One, technique, shown a little in the above image is how to do an invisible border... or an border where part of the painting comes over the top of the edge, but the majority remains behind it. The other is a fun color blending technique that I use often. 


Because I tried to cram so much into my class, I didn't have time to teach how to put all the elements together into pretty floral border designs. But, don't worry, I have that here for everyone... for FREE! Just download the below images right here and now for non-commercial use. If you decide to try printing them on watercolor paper, I would crop the frame, and then print very, very lightly by reducing the opacity so that the ink is less likely to bleed into your watercolor. If I were to use these, I would either use them as reference only, or trace them lightly with carbon transfer paper. Enjoy!