Julie Comstock
Julie Comstock
UX Writer / Copywriter


NextDesk’s product was better than anything else on the market, but the benefit was getting lost in the details. I changed their story, telling the consumer how the desk worked for them.




The fastest way to raise your work.

Even a few extra seconds of interruption can cause a huge difference in workflow efficiency. NextDesk moves faster than any other standing desk in the world at 1.7 inches per second. Simply push a single button and stand up. Your desk will meet you there, ready for your next move.


Lean on us. We’ll support you.

Your work is too valuable for a shaky foundation. NextDesk protects your assets with innovative engineering and superior materials. Each lifting column hides a medical grade 18-volt DC motor, and microprocessor controlled algorithms check the surface level dozens of times per second. We keep your work safe and your investments protected.


Look good while being stood up.

Improve your health without sacrificing your style with a standing desk from NextDesk. We offer the warmth of natural grained wood, or the sleek sophistication of glass and metal. We can even build a custom deck in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Your desk will look as great as you’ll feel.