Julie Comstock
Julie Comstock
UX Writer / Copywriter


Fellow is changing the world of healthcare with new technologies that solve current problems. I created a communication strategy with copywriting to showcase their vision.




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Aetna Medicare Solutions

Seniors fight a lot of stereotypes. Not only does it make them mad, but it can actually hurt their health. Aetna needed to connect with seniors in a sincere way that broke through the stereotypes pushed at them.





Noah Kelly surfer

body stronger than ever
mind sharp as a tack
spirit adventurous

At 69, Noah enjoys paddling out to catch the next wave. With a network of support, you too can start living a healthier, more active, more engaging life.




Nothin special about paddle boarding

Open on a woman carrying her paddle board to the water as she gets ready to paddle out.

VO: There’s nothing special about paddle boarding at age 75. It doesn’t mean you found the fountain of youth or a magic healing potion. It means you’re healthy. Body, mind and spirit. And, that’s the way it should be.

ANNCR: Aetna Medicare Solutions. A total approach to health and wellness.


Nothing special about basketball

Open on a senior man in a wheelchair and his granddaughter playing basketball on an outdoor court.

VO: There’s nothing special about getting back on the court after a hip replacement. It doesn’t mean you’re a man of steel or have super-healing powers. It means you are healthy. Body, mind and spirit. And, that’s the way it should be.

ANNCR: Aetna Medicare Solutions. A total approach to health and wellness.


Nothing special about yoga

Open on a woman in an outdoor yoga class. We see her smile as she moves into warrior pose.

VO: There’s nothing special about holding Warrior pose at age 68. It doesn’t mean you have super-strength, exceptional genetics or amazing luck. It means you are healthy. Body, mind and spirit. And, that’s the way it should be.

ANNCR: Aetna Medicare Solutions. A total approach to health and wellness.


Magnolia Green

Magnolia Green, a planned community, was removed from the city. By showing all their amenities, I could also show that the suburbs might be the perfect place to live.





Enjoy fresh air and fresh produce

Breathe in the clean morning air as you step onto a scenic nature pathway. Fill your tote with organic produce grown by local farmers. Get in a workout at the pools, on the golf corse or on the tennis courts. Make friends and build a network of support with your neighbors. Built around community.


Neighborhood pool parties and block parties

With a social calendar full of fun events, it’s easy to make friends here. Meet your neighbors around one of five pools, or on the championship golf course. See them at Chesterfield’s largest farmer’s market, or on the tennis courts. Built around community.


Connect on fairways and walkways

Meet your friends for a morning round of golf on an 18 hole course designed by Jack Nicklaus. Join a neighborhood walking group and enjoy the scenery as you stroll with friends. Built around community.


Sutter Health | Aetna

Everyone knows how frustrating it is to wait for a doctor or medical appointment. So, I framed Sutter Health | Aetna’s new physician-texting feature as a benefit their audience would love.


Animated Banners


Email Campaign


How long does the flu last?

Now your employees can get advice from an expert, not internet forums.

With Sutter Health | Aetna, we make it simple for your employees to connect with a provider no matter where or when they need to.

Here’s how:

24 hour, no-cost physician texting

Award winning doctors and hospitals

100+ walk-in care & urgent care locations

Doctor to door options

If your employees have questions, or they’re not sure which option is best, we also have a nurse concierge to guide them. Simple. Smart. Healthy.


Out of Home




I found a lump, should I be worried?

Now your employees can get instant advice from a doctor, not the internet.

With Sutter Health | Aetna, it’s easy for your employees to connect with a provider. With thousands of choices in network, award-winning doctors and hospitals, and over 100 walk-in and urgent care locations they have many options to choose from. Plus, we’ve added online video and text visits, doctor to door visits, and rides when your employees need them. Simple. Smart. Healthy.



NextDesk’s product was better than anything else on the market, but the benefit was getting lost in the details. I changed their story, telling the consumer how the desk worked for them.




The fastest way to raise your work.

Even a few extra seconds of interruption can cause a huge difference in workflow efficiency. NextDesk moves faster than any other standing desk in the world at 1.7 inches per second. Simply push a single button and stand up. Your desk will meet you there, ready for your next move.


Lean on us. We’ll support you.

Your work is too valuable for a shaky foundation. NextDesk protects your assets with innovative engineering and superior materials. Each lifting column hides a medical grade 18-volt DC motor, and microprocessor controlled algorithms check the surface level dozens of times per second. We keep your work safe and your investments protected.


Look good while being stood up.

Improve your health without sacrificing your style with a standing desk from NextDesk. We offer the warmth of natural grained wood, or the sleek sophistication of glass and metal. We can even build a custom deck in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Your desk will look as great as you’ll feel.