Jazz music plays softly in the background, the lingering smell of coffee hangs in the air as I sit down to my keyboard.

I ponder the lawyer foolish enough to represent himself. The doctor foolish enough to diagnose himself. And here I sit, the writer about to describe myself.

On second thought, I think I'll leave that to others.

Executive Creative Director, Scott Sorenson:
“Our absolutely fearless Associate Creative Director, our thoughtful and prolific writer, our lover of nature, our resident knower of all things (seriously) and our learner of a new craft every single week (if not day), Julie Comstock. Your talent, ambition and achievements are an inspiration to us all. We are lucky to have you, and our clients are luckier still.”

President of Struck, Pauline Ploquin:
“Don’t let the evergreen sunny disposition fool you! Yes she’s curious, optimistic and open minded, but there’s real whipping smart sharpness and true grit to boot. There is no subject she will not dive gladly into no matter how dry.”

Motion Designer, Nick Carpenter:
“Our Julie is a lover of soil,
A writer stronger than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!
Between trips to the desert,
And saving the dirt,
Her delightful demeanor never spoils!”